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Oh, look, honey.  Look what I've brought home!  Yes, he's a big black guy with a big black cock.  I'd guess his is at least twice as big as yours.  Maybe even three times as big!

Yes, I think you've been a good boy lately, so you can watch while I take him in our bedroom and have my way with him.  Be a good little sissy cuckold for me and put on your frilly pink panties.  Should I let you help us undress and get him ready for me? I think you'd make the perfect fluffer.

Oh, my, have you ever seen a cock this big?
Just think how much I'm going to enjoy it! 

What happens next, darling? 

Do you kneel by our bed and watch the show, waiting patiently for your chance to taste my sweet cream pie?
Or will I allow you to worship his dick yourself?

There's only one way to find out. 
Call me and ask what I have in store for us.

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