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I'm Mistress Stella, and I know what you really need, deep down. You know you're not man enough to satisfy any woman, let alone a hot, dominant firecracker like myself.

But you can still be useful to me;
I will use you to achieve my devious endgame.

Together we'll cruise the city's hottest nightspots and entice sexy young studs back to my place. You'll be my fluffer extraordinaire, sucking that enormous cock to its full readiness so it can plunge into my soaking wet pussy and make me howl with lust.

What a sad and pathetic sight you'll be, yanking on your tiny, useless pee-pee while you watch my body get tossed back and forth by his heaving thrusts. You'll want to shut out my orgasmic shrieks and cries but you can't tear your eyes away. After my hot young lover fills my pussy with his cream, it'll be your job to clean it out. Don't you dare miss a single drop.

Do a good enough job and I may allow you to squirt
your sad little jizz into your hands.

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