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I've got to tell you, for as many guys with erectile dysfunction that I deal with as a nurse (my "other" life), I never expected to end up with an impotent boyfriend. I used to think it was something I could ignore. Sure, he had a small, flaccid dick, but we weren't that serious, so it was easy for me to fuck other, more virile men behind his back. But then, I moved in with him, and now it seems my only choice is to turn him into a full-on cuckold for his inadequacies. I bet it would be just as tough for you as it is for him to come home and see your girlfriend sprawled out in the bed that you share, surrounded by men with raging hard-ons the likes of which you can only dream of achieving.

Knowing that your sexy young girlfriend is screwing other men might even be enough to prompt you to try and fix your soft penis problem. I can see it now: you come into the doctor's office seeking a cure for your impotence, and end up shamed on the examining table when you find that you're being treated by a hot nurse like me. I understand your little problem (and I do mean little!) all too well. You get excited, but you're too much of a pussy to maintain an erection for long enough to do anything about it.

Go ahead and dream on, limp dick boy. No matter how thrilled you are by the thought of me in my tight white nurse's uniform, you wouldn't be able to keep it up for long enough to please you'd better just call me, instead.

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