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Ever since your wife started going to the gym all the time, she has become obsessed with being perfect. Perfect skin, perfect body...she's even considering plastic surgery, now, to make herself look 20 years younger, when all you want from her is to see her in her full-figured, natural state. She'd been bugging you to get on the same track as she is, but then she started going to that beefy, muscular personal trainer and now she doesn't have any time for you at all. You know she's fucking him, cuckolding you to this pretty plastic man, and while it bugs you, it also gives you the opportunity to be with the kind of woman you really want.

A woman like me. Curvaceous, with hips, tits, ass, and a chubby stomach, the way a mature lady should be. Soft arms, under which is nestled a musky tuft of hair to match the bush between my legs. I'm sure you can remember feeling overcome by that heady scent of sweat, laden with pheromones as I get more and more aroused...there's no perfume or fake smells to mask anything, with me. I am that natural beauty that every woman matures into, full-bodied and sexually ripe and ready for the taking.

You're being cuckolded by your image-obsessed wife with a chiseled man, but you don't want that anyway. Relax into your fantasy, and I bet you can even begin to feel me writhing beneath you, my soft flesh enveloping your hard, aching cock as my sex musk overwhelms your senses...close your eyes, and let my voice remind you of the way it can be.  

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